Sewer and culvert renovation using GRP modules

How we render the service:

  • Installation of module chambers
  • High-pressure hydrokinetic cleaning with the use of a water recycling pressure wagon.
  • Pre-implementation inspection using a CCTV camera
  • Sewer renovation using the relining method with GRP modules
  • Filling the joint between the repaired sewer and the installed modules with an injection mass of the required parameters
  • Module installation chambers dismantling
  • Post-implementation inspection using a CCTV camera


The merits of sewer renovation using GRP modules:

  • Preventing the further sewer degradation by making a tight conduit using a pipe-to-pipe system whose structural and hydraulic properties equal the ones of a freshly laid pipeline.
  • The investment implementation is carried out trenchlessly (the only requirement is to have two „starting” chambers used for the GRP module installation)
  • Short time of renovation compared to the replacement of the sewer using an open trench method

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Renovation of water and sewerage facility